Wednesday, May 23, 2012

there's nothing

I can't be tough , I can't be strong -.- 
guys, its just a lyric. takde kaitan yang hidup mahupun yang telah mati.

tommorow, meet my sweetheart ZaqyaaUlfah :)
going to Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman and straight to Bukit Bintang :')
yeayyy ! I'm soooooo happy .without friends, my life is nothing
susah nak cari kawan yang betul betul ade dengan kita,
and finally I found that princess, she is Zaqyaa :)
thanks kiya, be there for me :) *nangis T.T*
we always together since on 1st MDS and now we still friend.
we hope, our friendship everlasting until Jannah ^____^

* we also in the same way want to change to better person slowly. pray for our guys. Changing from bad to a good is a long-term adventure, but it is wonderful ^______^ , let by gone be by gone . And last but not least, saye lepaskan awak pergi. Dengan lafaz Assalamualaikum :)

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