Saturday, December 24, 2011

I've been proposed :)

people keep questioning,
I'm just 18, what makes me accept him?
well, to be the exact reason,
it's my parent's (family) choice.
it's a lie if I never had any conflicts,
about all these things, I did, I rejected him at the first,
Suprisingly, he never gave up.
he never really tell me that he likes me,
Even though I rejected him at the first,
I couldn't found any major bad things in him.
I just made an excuse, ' I did'nt have any feelings towards him',
that typical teenagers thought of mine.
As time went by, he never gave up, so did my parents.
My mum told me, this thing will make us happy, everyone will be happy.
insyaAllah awak akan bahagia dunia akhirat :)
that sentence, made me realize, why should'nt I give a chance?
and lastly, I told myself, if I make them happy, Allah will bless me and that's what
makes me happy. because i know, that's what exactly what I'll need.

p/s: thank you, I'm so proud of you. and I'll be waiting for you, Love

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